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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Earn money from gpt


 Hi everybody want money from only sign-up work.

Global Cash Clicks is a “get paid to” website where you can get paid to sign up and other work. There are a lot of get-paid-to sites but its more is scam. But globalcahclicks is very trusted.

-->►►First go to Here-->►►And find out register on left side. 

-->►►Click on register. One forum will appear to you. 

-->►►Fill up all information like below. --> 

►►I show you step to step. Follow me.

-->►►First Name: Write your first name.

Last Name: Write your last name. 

Username: Write your user name that you will use to login to enter the page. 

Password: Write your password that you will use to enter the page. 

Password Again: Again write your password.

E-mail: Write your email here. E-mail Again: Again write your email here.

Address1: Write your home address. Address2: Write your home address. 

City: Write your city name. 

Country: Select your country name. 

Zip/Postal Code: Write your postal code (optional). 

Alertpay: Write your email here.

Security Code: Type the sowing image under the image. Click two square box and be sure that this box is sowing right symbol and at the end click on register.

► An email will come from global cash

► Confirm it for your membership

just login and do work in paid to signup section.it's simple.  

Go to paid to signup from sowing table & one page will come to your computer screen.Then you will see lot of name on the page just click on the name than other one page will come to your computer screen just click register and fill up all information & click OK.Now go to your email address.and you will receive one welcome message to your mail. Copy mail from welcome before the box and past it at Paste E-mail box & remove pass word on the globalcashclicks offer page name. After give your mail address or username or other required from you  to Login ID box. At last click submit icon. Do 30 signup per day & receive minimum $50 per month.

Global cash and jillclick has 20 % refer commission

One account per computer or ip or householder. Because, multiple account will be suspend. 

Same site as

 global cash