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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Earn money from gpt


 Hi everybody want money from only sign-up work.

Global Cash Clicks is a “get paid to” website where you can get paid to sign up and other work. There are a lot of get-paid-to sites but its more is scam. But globalcahclicks is very trusted.

-->►►First go to Here-->►►And find out register on left side. 

-->►►Click on register. One forum will appear to you. 

-->►►Fill up all information like below. --> 

►►I show you step to step. Follow me.

-->►►First Name: Write your first name.

Last Name: Write your last name. 

Username: Write your user name that you will use to login to enter the page. 

Password: Write your password that you will use to enter the page. 

Password Again: Again write your password.

E-mail: Write your email here. E-mail Again: Again write your email here.

Address1: Write your home address. Address2: Write your home address. 

City: Write your city name. 

Country: Select your country name. 

Zip/Postal Code: Write your postal code (optional). 

Alertpay: Write your email here.

Security Code: Type the sowing image under the image. Click two square box and be sure that this box is sowing right symbol and at the end click on register.

► An email will come from global cash

► Confirm it for your membership

just login and do work in paid to signup section.it's simple.  

Go to paid to signup from sowing table & one page will come to your computer screen.Then you will see lot of name on the page just click on the name than other one page will come to your computer screen just click register and fill up all information & click OK.Now go to your email address.and you will receive one welcome message to your mail. Copy mail from welcome before the box and past it at Paste E-mail box & remove pass word on the globalcashclicks offer page name. After give your mail address or username or other required from you  to Login ID box. At last click submit icon. Do 30 signup per day & receive minimum $50 per month.

Global cash and jillclick has 20 % refer commission

One account per computer or ip or householder. Because, multiple account will be suspend. 

Same site as

 global cash 




Monday, 7 May 2012

Send free sms

You can send sms below the web site.
Today I share websites of free sms without any registration. These sites are now alive and sending unlimited sms to worldwide free.
Free International Texting – Let’s Start Free SMS Send without Registration

I found some websites which sends free international texting message. You can send free sms in many countries through these websites.
See Websites Of Free Sms Below

WapScriptPhp is also a free International Texting service provider. This website has clean and easy to use interface that everyone use it without any worry. You can send unlimited free sms from this website in a day. It supports all countries and all networks in the world.

Post your article and get money

Post your article and get Money

PAID TO POST is popular.  You post your own topics and get money for every post topics. The main categories of this forum are Hyip, GPT, Forex, MLM, Surf etc.The earning process is very simple, just sign up in GlobalEarnTalk.net and join the discussion with other members. Please look carefully how much GETs are offered in every category. You can post and get money.
You will earn .01$ to .05$ per thread .01 to .03$ per post.
Minimum payout is

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A great new microworkers alternative


This site is alternative of microworkers. Microworkers is difficult to get work because of more workers but have no enough employer. But it is new and paid site start in this year. Its name is
minutelancer. You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $10.00 you can payout in alertpay, paypal and Voucher. It has refer earning

Friday, 27 January 2012

How to create Alertpay account

Alertpay is very popular site among all online bank. Alertpay is an internet bank like an international bank. Here, you can receive and send money from your account to buy anything or invest. You can earn in internet and take and store this money in alertpay account. You can cash out this money in 3 ways that detail in alertpay.com site.
You must be signup in alertpay account to start your PTC job or internet earning.

Here, I see you that how to create an alertpay account by step by step.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Best way to earn

Minute Workers is giving a great way to earn to users by allowing them to generate REAL money and even sustain a continuous income. We are not a scam or greedy scheme, check us out in the forums there are 100′s of payment proofs which workers have posted.
To earn money you have to complete simple jobs online which are created by employers, they are short jobs which take minutes. Every task will pay a minimum of $0.10 per task and the maximum payment is unlimited.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Your income

1At first, you create an alertpay account.
Then choose some PTC site to create account.
Like..Trusted PTC site that include in my site for your choice.

You login your account  and click add and wait 5second 15second 30second 60second then you enter correct number for verify. Then show your earn in your balance.

Suppose, you create 1 account. Below, how to earn?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Best PTC Tips

How Does PTC work?

Generally, every PTC site fix the numbers of advertisement for members to click on which depending level of members (refer below upgrade membership). Every member allow to click on the advertisement only once within 24 hour.

 PTC sites is providing the advertisement for members to click on daily basic (24 hr) which mean after 24 hours, the members are being provided different advertisement to click on or the same advertisement will be provided for the members to click on second time by the PTC sites.